At Rahcar Power Corp, we’re committed to delivering high standard construction and maintenance services for overhead and underground high voltage distribution, along with shallow utility services to utility suppliers and developers. In addition to the following services, we’re committed to growth and serving the needs of our clients and industry. Contact us at any time and let’s discuss how we can meet your infrastructure needs.

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Rahcar Power Corp. is proud to serve Alberta, the Northwest Territories, and the Yukon, providing reliable and safe construction and maintenance of transmission facilities and emergency response for fire restoration. Our services include:

  • Installation of new structures, anchors, and conductors
  • Pole changes
  • Changing wood or steel x-arms
  • Changing contaminated or broken insulators
  • Upgrading grounding
  • Fire hardening

Live Line

Rahcar Power Corp. has and extensive distribution hot-line program. Our team is comprised of highly trained and qualified staff that get the job done with commitment to safety and efficiency. Services include but are not limited to.

  • Pole replacement
  • Repair of damaged facilities
  • Changing of broken or contaminated insulators
  • Emergency repair

Installation of equipment

  • Regulators
  • Gang Switches
  • OVR’s
  • WVE’s
  • Transformers and more

Distribution Overhead & Underground

Rahcar Power Corp. provides efficient, reliable, and safe services for utilities. We have vast experience constructing overhead and underground facilities in rural, urban and remote locations. Our services include:

  • Installation of new lines
  • Maintenance of old or damaged lines
  • Stringing conductors
  • Installation of transformers, pedestals, streetlights, junction boxes, pull boxes, switch cubicles, and numerous switching devices
  • System switching
  • Excavation
  • Reclamation and fire restoration
  • Salvaging of old or abandoned lines

URD Subdivisions

Rahcar Power Corp. has completed several URD subdivisions all over Alberta. Working with all three major utilities. We provide the complete package for shallow utilities, installing power, gas, and telecom. Our employees are certified gas fusion technicians as well as ticketed power linemen. Our work often exceeds client expectations in both quality and efficiency. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Excavation and trenching
  • Streetlighting
  • Road crossings
  • Complete power installation (with testing)
  • Complete gas installation (with all required testing)
  • Telecommunications installation
  • Procurement of materials

Telecommunications Installations and Upgrade

  • CATV 
  • Telephone lines 
  • Fiber lines

We provide installation within underground-serviced commercial and residential developments. We deal with a range of utilities, including: 

  • Gas pipelines (including fusing)
  • Primary and secondary electric cables
  • CATV
  • Telephone lines
  • Transformers
  • Switching cubes
  • Pedestals
  • Streetlights

Shallow Utilities Installation and Maintenance

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